Tour Structure

The Pro Breaking Tour is managed through a wholly-owned subsidiary of UDEF named The Professional Breaking Tour, LLC (“PBT”). PBT is structured as a taxable entity.

In managing the Tour, PBT coordinates with a large network of independent event organizers based in several cities, whose events comprise the Tour. These events are funded and operated by the local event organizers, principally through local sponsorship receipts, event ticket sales for spectators, entry fees for competitors, plus concession fees and merchandising income.

In addition, in certain cases, PBT sells Tour-wide sponsorships and pays fees to the local promoters to obtain the sponsorship categories it seeks. PBT’s funding support for Tour events is typically directed to prize money for breakers, plus some added funding to help promoters with venue costs and other costs, including special event insurance.

Who Controls the Tour’s Events?

Neither UDEF nor PBT attempt to control aspects of the Pro Breaking Tour’s events other than those specifically related to the competition and the competitors in the events, whose rights must be respected by the event organizers, as well as compliance with certain requirements established by Tour sponsors.

Event organizers of Pro Breaking Tour events are required by UDEF and PBT to comply with competition guidelines, as well as restrictions relating to the competitors, which are set forth in the Competitor Agreement. Those restrictions include, without the competitor’s advance written consent, no right to use or license the images or videos of a competitor for endorsement of companies, products, or services, or for merchandising programs. The structure of the Competitor Agreement was modeled after the men’s professional tennis tour, a long-standing and successful professional tour which operates globally.

Similar to tours in professional sports, the Pro Breaking Tour hopes to generate income through the sale of Tour-wide sponsorships to companies which would be interested in becoming involved with professional, competitive breaking events as a vehicle to promote their products or services.

Competitor Eligibility

Anyone is eligible for the Pro Breaking Tour’s competitions, whether amateur or professional, young or old, as long as he or she is a member of UDEF, which is free, and has registered through UDEF to be classified as a Competitor, which is also free. All junior competitors (under 18) require a signed parental or guardian consent.

Entry fees for Pro Breaking Tour events are established by the local event organizer, not by UDEF, and are payable to the organizer of the event, although some Tour events are free.