Breaks Kru 18yr Anniversary (2014) – Event Recap

The Breaks Kru 18th Year Anniversary event presented by Silverback Bboy Events and sanctioned by UDEF took place on Sunday, November 2nd, 2014 at the Bronx Museum of the Arts in the Bronx, NY and featured a 5-on-5 breaking battle for $11,500 and a 1-on-1 breaking battle for $950. That was a total of $12,450 between both formats making for quite and exciting event. This Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series Event was organized and hosted by Nemesis of Breaks Kru with DJ Ex laying down the tracks for the battles. The battles were judged by Ghost (Lionz of Zion), Marlon (Havikoro), , Dirty (Breaks Kru), KOM3 (Breaks Kru), and Vigorous (Breaks Kru)

You better believe the competition was fierce for the prize pool of this competition, not to mention crew battles of 5 and up are more rare these days. Needless to say it was a day of fire on the dance floor.

Congratulations to the winners, Beast Clique (Tata, A-Rod, Ookie, Hannibal & Box Won) for taking the 1st place win and $5,000 over Killafornia (Lil Rock, Lancer, Frankie Flave, Ekcite, & Ruen) who took home $2,500 for 2nd place. Congratulations as well to the semifinal losers winning $1,000, United Aggressions and Dynamic Rockers.

For the 1-on-1 competition, congratulations to Zebra for taking the win and $500 over Heat Rock who walked away with $250 for 2nd place. In 3rd and 4th place taking home $200 each were Kid Glyde and Atlas.

Check out videos from the event below courtesy of BBoyNetwork.
5-on-5 Final – Beast Clique vs Killafornia

1-on-1 Final – Zebra vs Heat Rock


Supreme Beingz 15yr Anniversary (2014) – Event Recap

The Supreme Beingz 15yr Anniversary event took place on June 1st, 2014 at the Queens Community House in Forest Hills, New York. The bboy competition consisted of a 5-v-5 Crew Battle with 8 invited crews and 8 slots available to be filled by preliminary battles at the event.  The winners of the crew battle were Repstyles (Knuckles, Ekcite, Mouse, Shellz and Shorty) over United Outkast (GRock, Tiger, Sweet Lu, Lokito and Cgee).  The judges were Waaak (Breaks Kru), Joel (HaviKoro) and Ken Fury (Supreme Beingz) and the DJs were Mute, Ignishun, GI Joe, DP One and Ex.  The event was co-organized by Ray ‘Jiggz’ Silverio, was sponsored by Silverback BBoy Events, and was a part of the $250,000 Pro Breaking Tour’s Challenger Series.

Check out the Final battle as well as all of the Top16 battles below on the Pro Breaking Tour Channel.

Repstyles vs United Outkast:

Top 16 Playlist:

Photos by Kien Quan: Website

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Battle for Supremacy Vol. 3 (2014) – Event Recap

The Battle for Supremacy Vol. 3 event took place on March 8, 2014, and included an open-bracket 5-v-5 crew battle competition. The winner was Beast Clique (Tata, BoxWon, Ookie, A-Rod & Whorah) over Lionz of Zion/Dynamic (Mario, Soapy, Gunjak, Isaiah & Loose Lee) in the final battle. The event featured DJ Renegade from the UK as well as DJ Foxx Boogie of Philadelphia. The event took place in Newark, NJ at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, was co-organized by Project Nasty, and was a part of the $250,000 Pro Breaking Tour’s Challenger Series.

King of Hearts 6 (2014) – Event Recap

The King of Hearts 6 event took place on February 15, 2014, and featured a crew vs crew battle (5+ members). The winner was Havikoro over Stranger Danger in the Finals. The event took place in Denver Colorado at the Salon Real Event Center, was co-organized by Dance2Live, and was a part of the $250,000 Pro Breaking Tour’s Challenger Series.

Event Recap Video by Strife.TV

Crew Battle Playlist