OG Lino watching the BBoy Community grow

Lino DC pixThe Freestyle Session World Finals in Japan was crazy! It was a great combination of all sorts of different talent and a pleasure to watch – I was up until 5:30 AMwatching from Boston. I have to give my respects to Cros1 for putting together an amazing brand and a super dope event.

I’m really excited to be a part of UDEF and the Tour alongside of him and some other great Bboys/Bgirls. This will be great for the community and help take events to a whole different level. We really need to embrace the Pro Breaking Tour as our next step to coming together as a dance culture, improving the promoters and Bboy/Bgirls and other dance styles by educating the community.

Lino (Leanski) Delgado, Floorlords Crew/Flava Squad

Make sure you register to compete on the Tour!

Evolution of BBoy Culture

A new age in the bboy culture is upon us. With 2014 coming full steam ahead there’s much opportunity and collaborative efforts working together like never before. The newly formed non-profit UDEF and the Pro Breaking Tour has sprung some new positive light and energy into our scene. This is an organization that’s here to support interest of the bboy competitor and enthusiast alike. With only one week in, our message is being heard and supported by the community as well. I must say that I am proud to be a part of this movement.

Bboy Nemesis