Jazzy and Stepper “Rugged Dutchmen” | YAK Films x Silverback Bboy Events

The YAK Films team has been all over the world highlighting dancers from different cultures, countries and of course– styles.  Today we take a look at two bboys who keep the bboy tradition very much alive in their dancing while still adding a new flavor to classic movements.  Take a look at BBoys Jazzy & Stepper in this installment of the Silverback Bboy Events x YAK Films bboy video series.  They are– the “Rugged Dutchmen.”

One Shot, One Kill ft. RoxRite, Pelezinho, Nasty Ray, Ronnie

The one take video shot is a staple filmmaking technique used in a multitude of classic film greats.  In this video RoxRite, Pelezinho, Nasty Ray and Ronnie give us a look at this technique in the bboy realm, taking us away from the highly edited bboy highlight reels of YouTube and giving us a look at battle rounds, up close and personal from beginning to end.  Check out the video below.

Lil Zoo in Seoul | .Stance

One of the most notable features of a bboy is character and the subject of today’s video from .Stance is one of the more animated characters on the scene today.  Lil Zoo is a force to be reckoned in any arena, but win or lose, his energy will be remembered by those in attendance.  While in Korea, Doy of .Stance captured some of that character filming Lil Zoo on the streets of Seoul as bboys came from all over the world to compete in the R16 World Finals.

Check out the video from .Stance below.

Taisuke x Tatsuya in Tokyo | YAK Films

Hip-Hop is all about creating from one’s imagination, having fun, and building with community. YAK Films captured a wicked exchange of creative energy between BBoy Taisuke and Beatboxer Tatsuya in this collaboration video during their time in Tokyo. This type of project showcases the great results when talented individuals of different crafts take the time to get down together. Check out the video Taisuke for Team G-Shock in Tokyo below.

CultivatetheSpirit: FreestyleSession (2014) – Event Recap

Tone “Boogie” Anderson took some time to sit down with Cros1 of Freestyle Session and UDEF to get a look into the history of Freestyle Session and it’s future horizon as it relates to the body, mind, spirit and family. It’s been a long journey with great things still to come. See what Cros had to say in the video below.

YAK Films x Silverback | Miami Pro-Am Recap

This year’s Pro Breaking Tour has been an exciting journey for many bboys in the scene and we are happy that there is a thriving video culture that is right there to catch all the great moments. YAK Films was at the Miami Pro-Am, Challenger Series event this year and they have put together a vivid look back at some of the best highlights of the weekend. If you missed it in person, here is a snapshot of the Pro-Am through the eye of the YAK. Check out the recap video below.

It’s Anyone’s Battle – x Mason Rose

UDEF’s $250,000 Pro Breaking Tour is in full effect as we have now completed 21 events in the 2014 Challenger Series, making our way toward the two $50,000 Champions Series events, The Silverback Open Championships, October 11th & 12th, in Philadelphia, PA and the Freestyle Session World Finals, November 8th & 9th, in San Diego, CA.

To mark the completion of roughly half the Challenger Series events and in anticipation of the Champions Series right around the corner, check out the new UDEF video by Mason Rose: “It’s Anyone’s Battle” featuring music by Jungle.

It’s Anyone’s Battle | UDEF x Mason Rose | | Jungle – The Heat from Pro Breaking Tour on Vimeo.

UDEF (Urban Dance & Educational Foundation) is non-profit organization supporting and promoting bboy culture worldwide. In addition to prize money events, UDEF also supports over 50 charity events per year.

Be prepared for the battle, register today as a UDEF ‘tour competitor’ to be eligible to compete in Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series and Champions Series events.

Shorty Brickheadz Crew

It’s a beautiful Sunday, and while we await the results of this weekends competitions, Teck from TCKPro in Chicago is checking in with a new clip of Shorty Brick getting down on a sunny afternoon in the park. Feel the summer vibe and check it out below.

“Respect our Heroes”: The Bboys of China | R16 China

The filmmakers at Navator have recently produced a short biopic piece on BBoy Vision from China, winner of R16 China.  It is interesting to see the way bboy culture is adopted in various countries around the world; there are no borders when it comes to the dance.  Check out the video below over at the R16 channel as Navator gives us a Vision of the life of  a BBoy in China.

“Respect our Heroes”: The Bboys of China (R16 China)

My Life // Daniel Zhu

If you have been following the UDEF blog or the Pro Breaking Tour events over the course of the year, you should be familiar with the videography work of Daniel Zhu. Daniel has been producing great content on his Stance Elements channel, showing many facets of the community that we all love and share together. During this inaugural year of the Pro Breaking Tour, we are pleased to have someone with talent and passion like his along for the ride.

Having captured dancers from all over the world over many years, it is now Daniel who is in focus. He has just produced a short documentary that delves into the passion behind the lens. Check out this video from from Daniel Zhu below and get a glimpse into the life he calls his own.

My Life // Daniel Zhu from Daniel Zhu on Vimeo.