BBoy Jibaku in Hakata, Fukuoka Japan | YAK Films x Silverback

All hands on deck! Or fists– or wrists. YAK Films have just released a new short in the UDEF Tour Bboy Series presented by Silverback Bboy Events featuring the strongman BBoy Jibaku in Japan. Jibaku is a hand transfer, freeze and stack specialist and you will see there is much you can do in this dance without your feet. Check him out and more of the UDEF Tour BBoy Series below.

Break Free Bros. | x YAK Films

While in Philadelphia for the Silverback Open Championships, the Pro Breaking Tour’s first Champion Series event of 2014, YAK Films caught up with Palmer and Jeremy of Havikoro and had a little brick session for you all to enjoy as part of the UDEFtour Bboy Series. Check out the Break Free Bros and get ready for another great Champions Series event as the Freestyle Session World Finals comes to San Diego on November 8th and 9th.

Silverback Open (2014) – Event Recap by .Stance | Monster Energy

You may have seen a lot of the battles from the Silverback Open Championships courtesy of .Stance, but now it is time to kick back, put your feet up and take in the smooth video stylings of .Stance’s Silverback Open Championships ’14 recap.

Silverback Open (2014) – Event Recap by TeCK | Monster Energy

Just when you thought the excitement from the Silverback Open was over with, we are here to take you right back to it with the recap video from TCKPRO by TeCK (Self X Crew) out of Chicago.

Check it out!

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Bboy Cheerito – Solverde Bboy Gala WINNER | Silverback Bboy Events x YAK FILMS

Let’s take a trip to the sea and get down with BBoy Cheerito from Russia as we check out the latest video in the YAK Films Silverback BBoy Video Series brought to you by Silverback Bboy Events.

Keep an eye out for more videos to come this year in the Silverback Bboy Video Series.

Circle of Fire | Silverback Bboy Events | Mason Rose |

If you have been dancing for a while you’re sure to have heard of one of the most prolific west coast crews, Circle of Fire. Known for their fusion of breaking and house, Circle of Fire has been pushing the boundaries of free expression in breaking for nearly two decades; a yin to the yang of traditionalism and structure. Mason Rose spent some time with the crew and today we present a look into the soul cypher with Circle of Fire as they get down in the bay. Check it out below!

An excerpt from the mind of Mason Rose:

“Forged in the fires of trial and triumph a person’s soul is ultimately expressed through art, through culture… through sound and movement.

What is soul? Soul is not something you have but rather something you can become.

No place is this more evident than in the dance community. The dancers do not simply express their souls, but rather for those brief moments in the ever-sacred cypher… the dancers ARE their souls; uncovered and true for all to see.

And like all truth, Soul has a certain ring to it. And like all rings they bring us full circle.

What is soul? Step into the Circle of Fire and find out.

Mason Rose”

Sebastien in Germany Ft. Yaman | Silverback Bboy Events x YAK FILMS

The great thing about breaking is that with all of the foundation and structure at the base of the dance, there is so much room for personal expression in developing a style of one’s own. Today we take a look at dancers who have chosen the path of the smooth and flowing. Breaking with a tinge of popping; a style reminiscent of bboys such as Mariano from Bag of Trix. Sit back, relax and check out Sebastien and Yaman as they get down and glide their way through Germany in this installment of the YAK Films and Silverback Bboy Events Bboy Series.

Tonio at Parc de La Villette | Silverback Bboy Events x YAK FILMS

Ah, Paris– teeming with culture and home to many an artist, also home to the beastly Clap Hammer! Check out the latest from the Silverback Bboy Events x YAK Films bboy series featuring Bboy Tonio from the Crews Total Feeling and Inesteam as he shows his mastery of classic bboy moves across Paris. And by across, we mean stone, asphalt, and even the park. Check Tonio out, as well as other bboys in the Silverback Bboy Series playlist below.

Training with the Simonster

If you thought you were training hard, check out the strength training of Australian bboy Simon Ata and re-evaluate your routine. Now is the time to hit the lab and work on getting your game up.

Check out the Simonster in the video below.

UDEF by the Sea

Recently some UDEF breakers were showcasing their skills in Martha’s Vineyard, an island off the coast of Massachusetts.  While there, they encountered photographer Shannon Rynd-Ray who couldn’t help taking an interest in such high energy subjects.  Being that it was her first experience with breakers, Shannon asked to shoot some of the action and below you can check out the results.  We thank Shannon for her enthusiasm to support the movement.

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Photographer: Shannon Rynd-Ray, Martha’s Vineyard