WI Wars Finals (2014) – Event Recap

The WI Wars event, presented by Silverback Bboy events & sanctioned by UDEF took place at the MSOE Kern Center ARENA in Milwaukee, WI, on July 26th, 2014 as a part of the Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series. The event organized by Aleksey “Yosha” Antipov was the 3rd edition of a statewide tournament featuring a UDEF sanctioned 2vs2 battle for $2100 in cash prizes, as well as WI City vs City and WI Kids 1vs1 battles.

In the end the UDEF sanctioned 2vs2 battles came down to Crooks (J Funky & Black Attack) vs Motion Disorderz (Mijo & Alex) in a heated exchange with Crooks crew emerging victorious, taking home $1200, while Motion Disorderz went home with $500 for 2nd place.

In the city vs city battle, defending city champions Milwaukee took the win this year again against Green Bay. For the kids 1vs1 battle, BBoy Free Mason from Madison took 1st place, having previously competed at the Miami Pro-Am earlier this year.

Check out some of the pictures and videos below.


wi wars finals

Final: Crooks vs Motion Disorderz

Universal Danceworks!

The Universal Danceworks! event, presented by Silverback Bboy events & sanctioned by UDEF took place at the 5 Crew Dynasty Headquarters, Inc. , 3114 w. Thomas rd in Phoenix, Arizona on June 21st as a part of the Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series. The event was organized by  Geoffrey “Toyz” Chang and featured a 2vs2 bboy battle for $2750 in cash prizes.  DJ Fleg kept the excitement level high  while Kloud9 (United Bboys), Jiggz (Supreme BeingZ) and Moy (HAVIKORO) judged the battles.  In the end only one team could emerge victorious and it was Flexanetik (Flexum & Eranetik) who triumphed over United United (Sweet Lu & B-Easy) in the final battle.

Check out the brackets below and check back for more media as time goes on.


Calamities 12th Year Anniversary (2014) – Event Recap

The Calamities 12th Year Anniversary event, featuring a 2vs2 Break battle was held at the Infinity Dance Sport Center in San Diego, CA on June 14th, 2014. Presented by Silverback Bboy Events and sanctioned by UDEF, and was a part of the Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series. The DJs were Mane1, Kid Riz, and LeanRock and was judged by Quali-D(Style Elements), JR(Rhythm Bugz), and Cros1(Freestyle Session). These Southern California crews displayed a wide variety of skills and talent on the floor with some excellent performances by up and coming bboys and crews. At the end of the day, Furious Styles (Flexum & Masta Mace) took home the $1200 prize while Furious Dynasty (Weapon X & Gravity) walked away with second place and $500. The final was exciting to watch as such young dancers faced off and showcased how inspiring the new generation of bboys is.
Check out the final battle below as well as a playlist of all the Top 16 battles through the final.

Final Battle – Furious Styles (Flexum & Masta Mace) vs Furious Dynasty (Weapon X & Gravity)

Battle Playlist


Northeast Sweet 16 (2014) – Event Recap

The Northeast Sweet 16 event took place on March 15, 2014, and included an invite-only 1-v-1 competition featuring 16 leading b-boys from the Northeast region, representing various crews. In addition to the invite-only portion of the competition, the event included an open-bracket 2-v-2 competition. The 1-v-1 winner was Ookie of The Clique over Isaiah of Lionz of Zion. The 2-v-2 winners were the Supreme Beings (Ken Fury and Frankie) over Repstyles Crew (Mighty Mouse and Ekcite).The event took place in Staten Island, New York at NYC Arts Cypher. The event was co-organized by Outshine Productions and Dynamic Rockers, and was a part of the $250,000 Pro Breaking Tour’s Challenger Series.

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Photos by Kien Quan: Website