Pro Breaking Tour

The Pro Breaking Tour is a series of professional competitions in breaking. The Tour was launched in January of 2014 and through its first five years has hosted roughly 200 prize money breaking competitions in the United States, Canada and parts of Europe.

Today, the Pro Breaking Tour features thousands of registered competitors and two tiers of events: Champions Series (the top tier events) and Challenger Series (2nd tier).

The Pro Breaking Tour

The Champions Series events are the Silverback Open Championships in Philadelphia the Freestyle Session World Finals, which rotates between Los Angeles, San Diego, and Japan.

The 2019 Challenger Series includes nine events, City of Excellence (NYC), United Styles (Boston), Culture of 4 (San Diego), Massive Monkeys Day (Seattle), Style Elements (San Jose), SPIN LAS Vegas (Vegas), F.A.M. Fest (Miami), BBOYCITY (Austin), Temple Rock (Orlando).

The Silverback Series

In 2019, separate and apart from the Pro Breaking Tour, a series of smaller-scale events named the Silverback Series will function as warm-up events for the full Tour.


See event schedule, including Pro Breaking Tour events, Silverback Series events and selected other events associated with Silverback.