Freestyle Session 2019 Main Flyer

Freestyle Session World Final 2019 presented by the Pro Breaking Tour and sanctioned by UDEF, took place on Saturday, Nov 23rd and Sunday, Nov 24th in San Diego, CA.  This Pro Breaking Tour Championship Series Event featured a 3v3 Crew, 1v1 40 and up, Open Styles, Popping, 1v1 U15 Breaking and Open Styles, awarding a total of $21,200.

3v3 Breaking Battle Prize Distribution:

  • $10,000 for first place
  • $4500 for Second place 
  • $750 for 3/4th place
  • $450 for 5~8th place
  • $300 for 9~16th place 
  • * $1000 for over 40 1v1 champ. 

Hosted by: Cros-1 and Bboy Ivan

DJs: Lean Rock, Fleg, Skeme Richards, Mane One, Abel, Element, Riz, Nobunaga, Roxswift, Ervin Arana, Megatone and Kogataroo.

Judges for Breaking Battles:

  • Beta Rawk – Heartbreakerz Crew/Ground Zero
  • Leanski – Floorlords
  • Hong Ten – Red Bull BC One All Stars/Seven Commandoes
  • Reveal – Killafornia/Rock Force
  • Speedy – Battle Squad

Prelim Judge

  • Franky Flav – Stylelements/Killafornia

Over 40 Breaking Battle Judge

  • Trac2
  • Kwon138
  • E-Swift

Popping Judges

  • JR Boogaloo
  • Boogie Frantick
  • Jeckle.

Open Styles Judges

  • Angyil
  • Tony Ray
  • Taboo

Kids Battle Judges **sponsored by RSPCTD

  • Juse Boogie
  • Enerjetik
  • Eddie Styles
  • Host – Lil Rock

Kids Open Styles Judges

  • Mel
  • Pokey
  • V-Love

Congratulations to Red Buyll BC One All-Stars (Menno, Lil G, Victor) for taking the win over Renegade Lords (Roxrite, El Nino, Kid David) in the 3v3 Breaking battle finals and Rock Force Crew and Belgians with Attitude were both semi-finalists.

Bboy Wicket wins the 40 and up 1v1 battle. 

Big congrats to all competitors who entered!