Massive Monkees Day (2017) – Event Recap

Massive Monkees Day 2017, presented by the Pro Breaking Tour and sanctioned by UDEF, took place on Saturday, May 20th, 2017 at Beacon Dance Studio for Prelims and Showbox at the Market for the main event in Seattle, WA. This Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series Event featured a 3-vs-3 bboy/bgirl breaking battle and a 1-vs-1 footwork master competition rewarding a total of $10,000 in cash and prizes.

♦ Jo Rawk (Massive Monkees / Extraordinary Futures)
♦ Mikeskee (Misfits / Extraordinary Futures)

♬ BlesOne (THEM Team / Knuckleheads Cali)
♬ Lean Rock (Floorlords / Boogie Brats)
♬ Wicket (Renegades / Footwork Fanatix)
♬ Cues (Skratch Lounge)
♬ Tecumseh (Bamboo Beats)

3-vs-3 Breaking Battle Prize Distribution:
♦ $5000 for first place plus free flights & hotel to attend SBO 2017
♦ $1500 for second place
♦ $750 for semifinalists

1-vs-1 Footwork Battle Prize Distribution:
♦ Custom 4 finger ring for first place

3-vs-3 Breaking Battle Judges:
♦ Remind – Style Elements (California)
♦ Ken Swft – Breaklife University / VII Gems (NYC)
♦ FeverOne – DVS / Rocksteady Crew (Seattle)
♦ Wicket – Renegades / Footwork Fanatix (California)
♦ Free – Soul Shifters / Circle of Fire (Seattle)

Footwork Judges:
♦ Remind – Style Elements (California)
♦ Danny – Caster Evolution (China)
♦ Free – Soul Shifters / Circle of Fire (Seattle)

Congratulations to Hustle Kidz for taking the win over Monster Bboys in the 3-vs-3 breaking battle finals. Gunsmoke Breakout and Foundation/Kyushu Danji were semi-finalists.

Congratulations Boxcutta for taking the win in the Footwork Battle.

Big congrats to all competitors who entered!

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Check back soon for more pictures and video from the event.

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