Temple Rock (2016) – Event Recap

Temple Rock Vol. 3, presented by the Pro Breaking Tour and sanctioned by UDEF, took place on Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 at Fuego Nightclub in Orlando, FL. This Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series Event featured a 2-v-2 open breaking battle & a Bgirl 7-to-Smoke battle, plus a live performance by Fusik, awarding a total of $7,975 in cash prize money.

2-v-2 Breaking Battle Prize Distribution:
♦ $3000 for first place
♦ $1200 for second place
♦ $500 for semifinalists
♦ $200 for quarter-finalists

Bgirl 7-to-Smoke Prize Distribution:
♦ $1500 for first place
♦ $300 for second place
♦ $125 for third place
♦ $50 for fourth place

Hosts for the event:
♦ Will Stylz (Catalyst Hip-Hop)

Beats dropped by:
♬ Ervin Arana
♬ DJ Felix
♬ Kid Master

Judges for the evening:
♦ Jeskilz (Cypher Adikts)
♦ Ynot (Backyard Funk)
♦ Dahs (Flipside Kings)
♦ Lil John (Texas)
♦ Abstrak (Skill Methodz)

Congratulations to The Wizards (Phil Wizard & Samson) for taking the win over Last Samurai (Thesis & Stedlove) in the 2-v-2 breaking battles final. Monster Bboys (Moy & Gravity) and Masters of Mayhem (Keebz & Tesk1) were both semi-finalists. Supreme Fuego (Zebra & Archie), The Elusives (Isaiah & Curt Rage), Del Fuego (Tony T-bags & Bombi), and Shun Murda (D-tex & Yuta) were quarter-finalists.

Congratulations to Meelisa (Amazzzonki) for taking the win over Bgirl Mantis (Full Circle) in the Bgirl 7-to-Smoke final. Enni (Flooristas) and CrissyB were semi-finalists.

Big congrats to all competitors who entered!

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Photos by Kien Quan

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