Renegade Rockers 32nd Anniversary + Live Stream (2015) – Event Recap

Renegade Rockers 32nd Anniversary, presented by the Pro Breaking Tour and sanctioned by UDEF, Day 1 took place on Friday, September 4th, at SF State University and Day 2 on Saturday, September 5th, 2015 at City Nights both in San Francisco, CA. This Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series Event featured a 3-vs-3 bboy/bgirl breaking battle, 2-vs-2 bgirl battle and a 2-vs-2 All Styles battle rewarding a total of $8,600 in cash and prizes.

♬ Jus Jones – Horsepower
♬ Quantum – Headhunters/Social Villains
♬ Kaistar – Fownk Room
♬ Poison – Renegade Rockers
♬ Bboy Wicket – Renegade Rockers

Hosts for the event:
♦ Kid David
♦ Bboy Wicket

3-vs-3 Breaking Battle Prize Distribution:
♦ $3000 for first place
♦ $1500 for second place
♦ $750 for semifinalists
♦ $375 for quarter finalists

3-vs-3 Breaking Battle Judges:
♦ Rudy Rexx – HaviKoro/Footwork Fanatix
♦ Zeshen – HaviKoro/Footwork Fanatix
♦ Remind – Style Elements
♦ Jayrawk – Style Elements
♦ Precise – Beatz N Pieces

2-vs-2 Bgirl Prize Distribution:
♦ $600 for first place
♦ $300 for second place

2-vs-2 Bgirl Battle Judges:
♦ Dee Rock – Renegade Rockers
♦ Finesse – Renegade Rockers
♦ Blakk – Renegade Rockers

2-vs-2 All Styles Prize Distribution:
♦ $200

2-vs-2 All Styles Battle Judges:
♦ Marty McFly – KNT
♦ Prince Ali – Playboys
♦ Politix – Renegade Rockers

Congratulations to BC One All Stars for taking the win over Forever Maximum Funk in the 3-vs-3 breaking battle finals. Beats of Waseda and 2 Queens and a King were semi-finalists.

Congratulations to Kween of Kweens for taking the win over Calamity Earth in the 2-vs-2 bgirl battle finals.

Big congrats to all competitors who entered!

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Renegade Rockers 32nd Anniversary Live Stream Replay

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