Massive Monkees Day (2015) – Event Recap

Massive Monkees Day 2015, presented by the Pro Breaking Tour and sanctioned by UDEF, took place on Saturday, April 25th, 2015 at Beacon Dance Studio for Prelims and Showbox at the Market for the main event in Seattle, WA. This Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series Event featured a 3-vs-3 bboy/bgirl breaking battle, a 2-vs-2 Funk Styles battle and a 1-vs-1 footwork master competition rewarding a total of $10,000 in cash and prizes.

♬ BlesOne (THEM Team / Don’t Talk to the Cops)
♬ Lean Rock (Floorlords / Boogie Brats)
♬ DV One (Massive Monkees / Rocksteady Crew)
♬ Cues (206 Zulu)

3-vs-3 Breaking Battle Prize Distribution:
♦ $3,300 for first place
♦ $1650 for second place
♦ $1650 for semifinalists
♦ $1800 for quarter finalists

2-vs-2 Funk Styles Battle Prize Distribution:
♦ $400 for first place

1-vs-1 Footwork Battle Prize Distribution:
♦ Custom 4 finger ring for first place

3-vs-3 Breaking Battle & 1-vs-1 Footwork Battle Judges:
♦ Nemesis – Breaks Kru (NYC)
♦ Moy – Break Free (Houston)
♦ FeverOne – DVS / Rocksteady Crew (Seattle)
♦ Profo – FloorGangz (San Francisco)
♦ Free – Soul Shifters / Circle of Fire (Seattle)

2-vs-2 Funkystyle Battle Judges:
♦ Scramblelock (Locking)
♦ BoomBeast (Popping)
♦ Rina Pellerin (Waacking)

Congratulations to Knuckleheads Cali (MN Joe, Rion the Lion & Flexum) for taking the win over TheM Bratz (Thesis, Vicious & Roc) in the 3-vs-3 breaking battle finals. Now or Never (Jax, Muggy Mug & Savage) and The Hoodz (Complex, Wooty, NiksOne) were semi-finalists. Lionz of Zion (Napalm, Gunjack & Knuckles), Forever Fresh Havik (Jeremy & Samo), 808 Breakers (Hijack, Ark & Kid Karma) and AOM (Cha Cha, Dialtone & Junior) were quarter finalists.

Winner of the 2-vs-2 funky style battle went to Casual Gay Funk!

1-vs-1 footwork battle winner was Complex (Dance Broomz), DynoRock took second. Wealthy and Razzy D were semi-finalists.

Big congrats to all competitors who entered!

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