Universal B-boy League Main Event VII (2015) – Event Recap

Universal B-boy League Main Event VII, presented by the Pro Breaking Tour and sanctioned by UDEF, took place on Saturday, March 28th, 2015 at the OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. This Pro Breaking Tour Futures Series Event featured a 1-on-1 bboy/bgirl breaking battle, awarding a total of $2,000. There was also a Bonnie and Clyde 2-on-2 competition.

On the 1 and 2’s was DJ Mars (DRS) and DJ Soul Secta (Visual Assault).

Benzo | Bag of Trix
Leftelep | Albino Zebras
Domkey | Lionz of Zion

Prize Money Breakdown:
1st place – $1000
2nd place – $500
Semi Finalists – $250 each

Congrats to Fléau for taking the first place win over Illz in the final battle. Onton and Frost were semi-finalists. Congratulations to all!

The Bonnie and Clyde competition was won by Frost and Vic Versa as “Scorpion Clan”

Check out these videos and photos from the event.

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