No Holding Back 5 (2014) – Event Recap

The No Holding Back 5 event presented by Silverback Bboy Events and Sanctioned by UDEF took place on Sunday, October 19 at Club Celebrate in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico. The event organized by Emanuel ‘Mannyfrost’ Sanchez featured a 2-on-2 bboy battle for $2,100 in cash prize money and was a part of the Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series. The battles were judged by Villn (Undeground Flow), Flexum (Knuckleheads Cali), and Chino (Floor Rockes Crew PR) and hosted by Jaws of the Floor Lords out of Boston, MA, while DJ’s Toxsick and Amaze kept the vibe hype.

Congratulations to Knuckleheads Cali (MiketheCure & Ben) for taking the first place win and $1200 over Del Fuego who took home $500 for second place. Also congratulations to the 3rd/4th place winners, Metamorfosis and Krazy Element.
Check out the battle bracket below.

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