Silverback Open Recap ’14 Recap by YAK Films | Monster Energy

The team from YAK Films has come through with a great recap of the Silverback Open Championships ’14 showcasing the creativity and character of the dancers of the event. The USA scene has never been one to lack originality. Check it out and get inspired! And don’t forget that the Freestyle Session World Finals is right around the corner on November 8th and 9th in San Diego, California. Don’t miss out on the second Pro Breaking Tour, Champions Series event in 2014.

Break Free Bros. | x YAK Films

While in Philadelphia for the Silverback Open Championships, the Pro Breaking Tour’s first Champion Series event of 2014, YAK Films caught up with Palmer and Jeremy of Havikoro and had a little brick session for you all to enjoy as part of the UDEFtour Bboy Series. Check out the Break Free Bros and get ready for another great Champions Series event as the Freestyle Session World Finals comes to San Diego on November 8th and 9th.

Will Forever B-Ill

The Will Forever B-Ill event presented by Silverback BBoy Events and Sanctioned by UDEF took place on Sunday October 26th at the Brooklyn Fire Proof in Brooklyn, NY and featured a 2-on-2 breaking battle for $1,900. The judges for the event were Gin (Floor Obsession), Jiggz (Supreme Beings), and Waak (Breaks Kru) while Jaze-Art Remote, DJ Ex, and James Larsen held down the DJ booth with Danny Infms on the mic as host for the evening.

This Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series event was the third installment of a jam paying tribute to the memory and contributions of departed X-Fenz member, William “B-ill” Smith. As a celebration of his life and times, the New York scene comes together for this jam to get down and lay it all on the floor in honor of him.

The event this year was again a great time for all and the competition was heated as always. At the end of the day the battles came down to Titanz (Zebra & Snow) vs Team Entrée (Kid-K & Jumanji) with 2-1 decision going to Titanz for the win and $1,200 while Team Entrée went home with $500 for 2nd place.
Congratulations as well to the 3rd and 4th place winners taking home $200, Mighty Mouse as a solo entry and Supreme Titanz.
Check out video from the event below.

Silverback Open Recap ’14 Recap by .Stance | Monster Energy

You may have seen a lot of the battles from the Silverback Open Championships courtesy of .Stance, but now it is time to kick back, put your feet up and take in the smooth video stylings of .Stance’s Silverback Open Championships ’14 recap.

Silverback Open ’14 Recap by TeCK | Monster Energy

Just when you thought the excitement from the Silverback Open was over with, we are here to take you right back to it with the recap video from TCKPRO by TeCK (Self X Crew) out of Chicago.

Check it out!

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Bboy Cheerito – Solverde Bboy Gala WINNER | Silverback Bboy Events x YAK FILMS

Let’s take a trip to the sea and get down with BBoy Cheerito from Russia as we check out the latest video in the YAK Films Silverback BBoy Video Series brought to you by Silverback Bboy Events.

Keep an eye out for more videos to come this year in the Silverback Bboy Video Series.

No Holding Back 5

The No Holding Back 5 event presented by Silverback Bboy Events and Sanctioned by UDEF took place on Sunday, October 19 at Club Celebrate in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico. The event organized by Emanuel ‘Mannyfrost’ Sanchez featured a 2-on-2 bboy battle for $2,100 in cash prize money and was a part of the Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series. The battles were judged by Villn (Undeground Flow), Flexum (Knuckleheads Cali), and Chino (Floor Rockes Crew PR) and hosted by Jaws of the Floor Lords out of Boston, MA, while DJ’s Toxsick and Amaze kept the vibe hype.

Congratulations to Knuckleheads Cali (MiketheCure & Ben) for taking the first place win and $1200 over Del Fuego who took home $500 for second place. Also congratulations to the 3rd/4th place winners, Metamorfosis and Krazy Element.
Check out the battle bracket below.

Chill in the City 2

The Chill in the City 2 event presented by Silverback Bboy Events and Sanctioned by UDEF took place on Saturday, October 18th, 2014 in Paris, France as a part of the Pro Breaking Tour, Challenger Series. It was held at Auberge de jeunesse Yves Robert Paris and featured a 2-on-2 breaking battle for 600€ 1st place, 300€ 2nd place, and 3rd/4th place received 150€ each crew. The event was organized by Edouard with Youval on the mic and Joyeux Loufock judging.

We were happy to see an international collaboration as part of this year’s tour and the battles were on point with the final coming down to Chasseurs De Primes vs Bad Trip. Congratulations for Bad Trip for taking the win and 600€ while Chasseurs De Primes took home 300€ for 2nd place.
Check out videos from the event below:

Who Can Roast the Most? 23

The Who Can Roast The Most?, Pro Breaking Tour, Challenger Series event took place on October 4th, 2014 at The Stage in Miami Florida and featured a 2-on-2 breaking battle for $3,550 in cash prize money. The event was presented by Silverback Bboy Events and sanctioned by UDEF, with a payout of $1,500 for 1st place, $750 for 2nd place, $250 each for 3rd/4th place, $100 each crew for quarterfinal losers, and $50 each crew for the Top 16 losers. The battles were judged by Remind (Style Elements), Ghost (Lionz of Zion), and Bebe (Ground Zero Crew) and DJs Bebe, Immortal, El Abstrakto, Seamstar, Geishaz, Rage Johnson and Kid Master held down the wheels of steel.

Who Can Roast the Most? Has always been an iconic event in the bboy scene and we were happy to have it along the tour this year. The battles were crazy as to be expected from a jam with such a competitive history of grudge matches. In the end it was Repstyles (Knuckles & Mighty Mouse) who won 1st place and $1,500 over Underground Rockers (Mennex & Mannyfrost) who took home $750 for 2nd place. Stay tuned as media comes in from the event.