Freestyle Session Las Vegas (2014) – Event Recap


The Freestyle Session: Las Vegas event, sponsored by Silverback Bboy events & sanctioned by UDEF took place at Mia’s Banquet Hall in Las Vegas, Nevada  on August 16, 2014 as a part of the Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series. The event organized by Footwork Production featured a 3vs3 Freestyle Session qualifier bboy battle for $3,150 in cash prizes.

One of the hottest stops on this year’s Pro Breaking Tour was undoubtedly the Freestyle Session Las Vegas qualifier. When you have some of the best bboys in the country under one roof and DJ’s like Skeme Richards and BzBeats on the decks, it is a recipe for one amazing day of battling.  And of course overseeing the competition, the esteemed judging panel consisting of Roxrite, Flexum, and Marlon.

Congratulations to Boogie Brats (Vicious, El Nino & Neguin) for taking the 1st place win and will be and $1500 over Dynamic Dynasty (Kid Glyde, Gravity & Neo) who went home with $750.

The day certainly had its stand outs among the competitors, such as the Maya brothers, Master Mace and Weapon X, along with Zeku; The Silverback Young Bloods.  They showed the crowd just how high the competition level is getting when the young generation can keep up with the pros.
Check them out in action below along with all of the battles in the playlist that follows.

Boogie Brats vs Silverback Young Bloods

Final Battle – Dynamic Dynasty vs Boogie Brats (followed by all of the battles from the event)

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