Freestyle Session: Denver (2014) – Event Recap

The Freestyle Session: Denver event, sponsored by Silverback Bboy events & sanctioned by UDEF took place at Beta Nightclub in Denver, Colorado on August 2nd, 2014 as a part of the Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series. The event co-organized by Delfino & Mario Rodriguez featured a 3vs3 Freestyle Session qualifier bboy battle for $2700 in cash prizes.

There was a great turnout as bboys from all over descended on one of the hottest nightclubs in the country for Denver’s edition of the Freestyle Session qualifier 3vs3 battle. When the end of the night came, it was down to two crews; Freight Rockers from Salt Lake City and DC Spinmasters from Denver. Ultimately it was the Freight Rockers who proved to the judges that they deserved the win, $1500 and we will see them at the Freestyle Session World Finals in San Diego. Congratulations to DC Spinmasters for taking home 2nd place and $750.

The Winners: Freight Rockers



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