Art of War 2014

The Art of War event, presented by Silverback Bboy events & sanctioned by UDEF took place at the White Rabbit on North St. Mary’s Street in San Antonio, Texas on August 30th, 2014 as a part of the Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series. The event organized by Omar Davila & Mark A. Gonzalez featured a 1-on-1 bboy battle for $2,000 as well as live graffiti and a beat battle. The bboy battle was judged by Mondo (Grimeez), Drop Jules (MZK), and Palmer (Havikoro) and there was some serious competition to be sure.

After a long day of intense battles, it came down to just two bboys, crewmate vs crewmate; Moy vs Jeremy, both of Havikoro crew. It was a heated battle, but the Monster in Moy prevailed and he walked away with the first place win and $1,000, while Jeremy went home with $500 for second place.

The event was a great collaboration of the Texas hip-hop community, representing many different elements throughout the weekend. Many bboys traveled from out of town to make the event and it will surely be memorable to all.

Check out some of the great pictures below, courtesy of Mike Remix and videos below from the event. Also be sure to follow @theartofwarsa on Instagram. #AOW2014

Final Battle: Jeremy v. Moy

Photos by: Mike Remix

Photos by: Mike Remix

Concrete All-Stars 10th Anniversary

The Concrete All-Stars 10th Anniversary event took place on August 23rd, 2014 at Los Globos nightclub in Los Angeles and featured a 3-on-3 bboy battle for $2400 in cash prize money as well as a 1-on-1 footwork battle for $750. As an added feature, there were two exhibition battles; Vicious -Sweet Technique/Boogie Brats (Canada) vs. Jayd-illa -Concrete Allstars/Breakfluid and Bgirl Macca -360 Flava (Philadelphia) vs. Wonda -Concrete Allstars. The event was organized by Samuel “Panda” Nakama and was a part of the Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series.
BBoys came from all over the country to help to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of a crew that has proven itself one of the best in the west year after year. The DJ lineup was no joke as DJs Havik, Lean Rock, Mark Luv, Roxswift and Kenzo laid down the tracks for an evening of raw cyphers and hype battles.

Congratulations to LODB (Machine, Zick & Kid Steez for taking the 1st place win over Docious Force (Sa-Ewl, Maynard & Prinz Harry) in the final 3-on-3 bboy battle and also to Squid for taking home the footwork battle win over Julez in the finals.

Check out the final battles and of the action below.

3-on-3 Crew Final: Docious Force vs LODB

1-on-1 Footwork Battle Final: Squid vs Julez

Exhibition: Jayd-illa vs Vicious

More battles from the event:

Tonio at Parc de La Villette | Silverback Bboy Events x YAK FILMS

Ah, Paris– teeming with culture and home to many an artist, also home to the beastly Clap Hammer! Check out the latest from the Silverback Bboy Events x YAK Films bboy series featuring Bboy Tonio from the Crews Total Feeling and Inesteam as he shows his mastery of classic bboy moves across Paris. And by across, we mean stone, asphalt, and even the park. Check Tonio out, as well as other bboys in the Silverback Bboy Series playlist below.

IPhlow 2

The IPHLOW2 event presented by Silverback Bboy Events & sanctioned by UDEF took place at the 5STAR CUTS BARBERSHOP West Kendall Miami, Florida on Saturday, August 23 2014 as part of the Pro Breaking Tour, Challenger Series. The event organized by Mario Toledo featured a 2-on-2 bboy battle for $1,950.

Crews came from all over to compete for the 1st place prize of $1,200. A mix of Miami natives and bboys from the northern U.S. and France. This second annual installment of the event saw many more bboys than last year coming out with hopes to continue that trend into next year. Notable names in the breaking/graffiti scene who came out to support include Bboy “BraveMonk” Phaze2 Crew from Chicago, Bboy “BooRoc” Ground Zero Crew Miami, Bboy “Lego” Flipside Kings Miami, Bboy “Stripes” Flipside Kings Miami, Bboy “Kid Freeze” Dynamic Rockers/ StreetMasters New York among others. IPHLOW2 was an outdoor event with free entry along with food and giveaways for all who were there to support. The event ran 5pm to 1am with the police even showing up to support and record the final battle.

Under the cover of night, the final battle came down to Flipside Kings (Stripes & Lego) vs RawMeatCrew (Zao & Fantum) with the smooth styles of Flipside edging out RawMeat for the win. Stripes & Lego went home with $1200 for first place while Zao & Fantum split $500 for second.

IPHLOW2 was a great experience for the bboys with joy and raw love shown from all who came out. Keep your eyes peeled for IPHLOW3 next year.

Final Battle: Flipside Kings vs RawMeatCrew

Freestyle Session Las Vegas


The Freestyle Session: Las Vegas event, sponsored by Silverback Bboy events & sanctioned by UDEF took place at Mia’s Banquet Hall in Las Vegas, Nevada  on August 16, 2014 as a part of the Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series. The event organized by Footwork Production featured a 3vs3 Freestyle Session qualifier bboy battle for $3,150 in cash prizes.

One of the hottest stops on this year’s Pro Breaking Tour was undoubtedly the Freestyle Session Las Vegas qualifier. When you have some of the best bboys in the country under one roof and DJ’s like Skeme Richards and BzBeats on the decks, it is a recipe for one amazing day of battling.  And of course overseeing the competition, the esteemed judging panel consisting of Roxrite, Flexum, and Marlon.

Congratulations to Boogie Brats (Vicious, El Nino & Neguin) for taking the 1st place win and will be and $1500 over Dynamic Dynasty (Kid Glyde, Gravity & Neo) who went home with $750.

The day certainly had its stand outs among the competitors, such as the Maya brothers, Master Mace and Weapon X, along with Zeku; The Silverback Young Bloods.  They showed the crowd just how high the competition level is getting when the young generation can keep up with the pros.
Check them out in action below along with all of the battles in the playlist that follows.

Boogie Brats vs Silverback Young Bloods

Final Battle – Dynamic Dynasty vs Boogie Brats (followed by all of the battles from the event)

McDonald’s: B-Boy Royale


Update 8/17/14: A winner has been crowned! The event was a roaring success at the Skirball Center on August 16th with a full crowd and a room filled with electricity from the bboys on stage giving it their all.  Congratulations to the Clique of Supreme Beingz (Ken Fury, Frankie & Hannibal) for taking the win and the McDonald’s B-Boy Royale champion belt along with the adoration of the onlooking fans.   Even more exciting news, the New York Times has run an article in review of the event which can be found here.

It’s great to see this kind of publicity as we continue to grow support for the bboy scene in the United States.  Next year should see even more exciting events and sponsors coming to the table.  A big congratulations to the team involved in running this event, we look forward to seeing what gets cooked up next.

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Will you be in New York City on August 16th, 2014? If so, you can catch some of the best bboy crews in the US going head to head for $4,000 in prizes and help out a good cause at the McDonald’s B-Boy Royale being held at the NYU Skirball Center from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. The event will feature 8 crews battling through an elimination bracket until only one remains and is crowned champion, taking home $3,000. The runner-up will receive $1,000. All of the proceeds from the event will benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities® New York Tri-State Area. The event will be hosted by Asian-American hip hop artist “Dumbfoundead” who will also perform, while DJ Fleg of Lionz of Zion holds down the wheels of steel for the battles.
With a solid lineup of crews and a judging panel consisting of Chem (Floor Obsession / Universal Alchemy), Zeshen (Havikoro) and Whorah (Beast Coast) this night of competition is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Check out the lineup:
– Suicide Kings (LA)
– Lionz of Zion (DC)
– United Outkast (CT)
– Del Fuego (Boston)
– Floor Obsession (NY)
– Clique of Supreme Beingz (Philly/NY)
– X-Fenz (NY)
– True Aggressions (NJ)

Tickets can be purchased at – Use the promo code: BBOY4LIFE to receive $5 off admission – Again, all proceeds benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities® New York Tri-State Area.
For all details of the event, please visit or check out the Facebook event at:

Training with the Simonster

If you thought you were training hard, check out the strength training of Australian bboy Simon Ata and re-evaluate your routine. Now is the time to hit the lab and work on getting your game up.

Check out the Simonster in the video below.

UDEF by the Sea

Recently some UDEF breakers were showcasing their skills in Martha’s Vineyard, an island off the coast of Massachusetts.  While there, they encountered photographer Shannon Rynd-Ray who couldn’t help taking an interest in such high energy subjects.  Being that it was her first experience with breakers, Shannon asked to shoot some of the action and below you can check out the results.  We thank Shannon for her enthusiasm to support the movement.

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Photographer: Shannon Rynd-Ray, Martha’s Vineyard




Jazzy and Stepper “Rugged Dutchmen” | YAK Films x Silverback Bboy Events

The YAK Films team has been all over the world highlighting dancers from different cultures, countries and of course– styles.  Today we take a look at two bboys who keep the bboy tradition very much alive in their dancing while still adding a new flavor to classic movements.  Take a look at BBoys Jazzy & Stepper in this installment of the Silverback Bboy Events x YAK Films bboy video series.  They are– the “Rugged Dutchmen.”

Freestyle Session: Capital Qualifier

Freestyle Session: Capital Qualifier event, sponsored by Silverback Bboy events & sanctioned by UDEF took place at the U Street Music Hall in Washington, DC on August 10th, 2014 as a part of the Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series. The event was organized by Urban Artistry and featured a 3vs3 bboy battle for $3150 in cash prizes. The DJ’s for the event were Baronhawk Poitier (Urban Artistry), ManOfGod (Chicago – Motion Disorderz/Rhythm Attack) and Mate Masie (CAB Crew/Urban Artistry) while the judging panel consisted of Bboy Ivan “The Urban Action Figure”, Hannibal (360 Flava) and Stelf (Arrive to Defy).

The skill level was high as crews faced off for the cash prize and trip to the Freestyle Session World Finals in San Diego. The final battle came down to Lionz of Zion from DC and Repstyles from PA/NJ putting everything on the line. Congratulations to Lionz of Zion for emerging as the 1st Place winner, taking home $1500 and a flight with accommodations to the Freestyle Session World Finals, Pro Breaking Tour Champions Series event, November 8th and 9th. Congratulations as well to Repstyles for 2nd Place, taking home $750 as a crew.