WI Wars Finals (2014) – Event Recap

The WI Wars event, presented by Silverback Bboy events & sanctioned by UDEF took place at the MSOE Kern Center ARENA in Milwaukee, WI, on July 26th, 2014 as a part of the Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series. The event organized by Aleksey “Yosha” Antipov was the 3rd edition of a statewide tournament featuring a UDEF sanctioned 2vs2 battle for $2100 in cash prizes, as well as WI City vs City and WI Kids 1vs1 battles.

In the end the UDEF sanctioned 2vs2 battles came down to Crooks (J Funky & Black Attack) vs Motion Disorderz (Mijo & Alex) in a heated exchange with Crooks crew emerging victorious, taking home $1200, while Motion Disorderz went home with $500 for 2nd place.

In the city vs city battle, defending city champions Milwaukee took the win this year again against Green Bay. For the kids 1vs1 battle, BBoy Free Mason from Madison took 1st place, having previously competed at the Miami Pro-Am earlier this year.

Check out some of the pictures and videos below.


wi wars finals

Final: Crooks vs Motion Disorderz

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