Floorlords Crew 33rd Anniversary Weekend (2014) – Event Recap

The Floorlords Crew 33rd Anniversary event, presented by Silverback BBoy Events and sanctioned by UDEF took place over the week of June 27-29th, 2014 at the Hiberian Hall and the Villa Victoria Cultural Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Organized by Lino “Leanski” Delgado, this Pro Breaking Tour, Challenger Series event featured a 1vs1 Freestyle Session qualifier battle for $1550 in cash prizes on Friday (Freestyle Session Boston) and a 3vs3 crew battle on Saturday and Sunday for $3150 in cash prizes (United Styles 10).  The 1vs1 battles were judged by El Nino (Floorlords Crew), Gravity (5 Crew Dynasty) and Thesis (Knuckleheads Cali) while the 3vs3 battles were judged by Vicious (Sweet Technique), Frostalino (Ground illusionz) and Zig (Fresh Format Crew).  Holding down the music for the events were DJs Lean Rock, Fleg, B Ryan and Danny Dan.

It was a great weekend with one of the northeast’s most respected crews celebrating their 33rd year in the bboy and hip-hop community.  The battles were fire and many memories were made over the three day event.  For the 1vs1 Freestyle Session qualifier it all boiled down to Ark from Hawaii vs Illz from Toronto, Canada.  The style was real!  After a first class display of Canadian flavor, BBoy Illz from Ground Illusionz crew took the crown and $750 as well as a trip to the Freestyle Session World Finals in San Diego this November.  The 3vs3 battle was even more exciting with a 2 man squad of Last Samurais (Born and Thesis) vs  Flipside Technique (Fleau, Stripes & Promo).  After a heated exchange, Flipside Technique took home the win for $1500 as well as a trip to Philadelphia in October for the Silverback Open Championships.

Check out the final battles and recap below:
Floorlords Anniversary Recap:

1vs1 Final Battle: Illz (Canada) vs Ark (Hawaii)


3vs3 Final Battle: Last Samurais (Born and Thesis) vs  Flipside Technique (Fleau, Stripes & Promo)