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It’s a beautiful Sunday, and while we await the results of this weekends competitions, Teck from TCKPro in Chicago is checking in with a new clip of Shorty Brick getting down on a sunny afternoon in the park. Feel the summer vibe and check it out below.

Floorlords Crew 33rd Anniversary Weekend

The Floorlords Crew 33rd Anniversary event, presented by Silverback BBoy Events and sanctioned by UDEF took place over the week of June 27-29th, 2014 at the Hiberian Hall and the Villa Victoria Cultural Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Organized by Lino “Leanski” Delgado, this Pro Breaking Tour, Challenger Series event featured a 1vs1 Freestyle Session qualifier battle for $1550 in cash prizes on Friday (Freestyle Session Boston) and a 3vs3 crew battle on Saturday and Sunday for $3150 in cash prizes (United Styles 10).  The 1vs1 battles were judged by El Nino (Floorlords Crew), Gravity (5 Crew Dynasty) and Thesis (Knuckleheads Cali) while the 3vs3 battles were judged by Vicious (Sweet Technique), Frostalino (Ground illusionz) and Zig (Fresh Format Crew).  Holding down the music for the events were DJs Lean Rock, Fleg, B Ryan and Danny Dan.

It was a great weekend with one of the northeast’s most respected crews celebrating their 33rd year in the bboy and hip-hop community.  The battles were fire and many memories were made over the three day event.  For the 1vs1 Freestyle Session qualifier it all boiled down to Ark from Hawaii vs Illz from Toronto, Canada.  The style was real!  After a first class display of Canadian flavor, BBoy Illz from Ground Illusionz crew took the crown and $750 as well as a trip to the Freestyle Session World Finals in San Diego this November.  The 3vs3 battle was even more exciting with a 2 man squad of Last Samurais (Born and Thesis) vs  Flipside Technique (Fleau, Stripes & Promo).  After a heated exchange, Flipside Technique took home the win for $1500 as well as a trip to Philadelphia in October for the Silverback Open Championships.

Check out the final battles and recap below:
Floorlords Anniversary Recap:

1vs1 Final Battle: Illz (Canada) vs Ark (Hawaii)


3vs3 Final Battle: Last Samurais (Born and Thesis) vs  Flipside Technique (Fleau, Stripes & Promo)

Universal Danceworks!

The Universal Danceworks! event, presented by Silverback Bboy events & sanctioned by UDEF took place at the 5 Crew Dynasty Headquarters, Inc. , 3114 w. Thomas rd in Phoenix, Arizona on June 21st as a part of the Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series. The event was organized by  Geoffrey “Toyz” Chang and featured a 2vs2 bboy battle for $2750 in cash prizes.  DJ Fleg kept the excitement level high  while Kloud9 (United Bboys), Jiggz (Supreme BeingZ) and Moy (HAVIKORO) judged the battles.  In the end only one team could emerge victorious and it was Flexanetik (Flexum & Eranetik) who triumphed over United United (Sweet Lu & B-Easy) in the final battle.

Check out the brackets below and check back for more media as time goes on.


“Respect our Heroes”: The Bboys of China | R16 China

The filmmakers at Navator have recently produced a short biopic piece on BBoy Vision from China, winner of R16 China.  It is interesting to see the way bboy culture is adopted in various countries around the world; there are no borders when it comes to the dance.  Check out the video below over at the R16 channel as Navator gives us a Vision of the life of  a BBoy in China.

“Respect our Heroes”: The Bboys of China (R16 China)

My Life // Daniel Zhu

If you have been following the UDEF blog or the Pro Breaking Tour events over the course of the year, you should be familiar with the videography work of Daniel Zhu. Daniel has been producing great content on his Stance Elements channel, showing many facets of the community that we all love and share together. During this inaugural year of the Pro Breaking Tour, we are pleased to have someone with talent and passion like his along for the ride.

Having captured dancers from all over the world over many years, it is now Daniel who is in focus. He has just produced a short documentary that delves into the passion behind the lens. Check out this video from from Daniel Zhu below and get a glimpse into the life he calls his own.

My Life // Daniel Zhu from Daniel Zhu on Vimeo.

Supreme Beingz – Miami Kickin’ it

The Miami Pro-Am Games weekend was filled with battles and fierce competition, but for those of you who weren’t there, what you may not know is that the weekend was also filled with great times among bboys from all over the country and the world. Bboys from various crews came together under the Florida sun to enjoy the weather and take a break from their everyday lives.

One of the crews repping the hardest at the Pro-am was Supreme Beingz from New York, and Frankie who placed second in the 1v1 Leacy Battle this year has put together a compilation of some of Supreme Beingz’ best moments to remember from the weekend with many cameos from other top competitors and pioneers throughout.

Enjoy the video below and check out how Supreme kicks it.

Calamities 12th Year Anniversary

The Calamities 12th Year Anniversary event, featuring a 2vs2 Break battle was held at the Infinity Dance Sport Center in San Diego, CA on June 14th, 2014. Presented by Silverback Bboy Events and sanctioned by UDEF, and was a part of the Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series. The DJs were Mane1, Kid Riz, and LeanRock and was judged by Quali-D(Style Elements), JR(Rhythm Bugz), and Cros1(Freestyle Session). These Southern California crews displayed a wide variety of skills and talent on the floor with some excellent performances by up and coming bboys and crews. At the end of the day, Furious Styles (Flexum & Masta Mace) took home the $1200 prize while Furious Dynasty (Weapon X & Gravity) walked away with second place and $500. The final was exciting to watch as such young dancers faced off and showcased how inspiring the new generation of bboys is.
Check out the final battle below as well as a playlist of all the Top 16 battles through the final.

Final Battle – Furious Styles (Flexum & Masta Mace) vs Furious Dynasty (Weapon X & Gravity)

Battle Playlist


The Royal Cypher

The Royal Cypher event, presented by Silverback Bboy events & sanctioned by UDEF took place at The Beacon, 664 S. King St. in Seattle, WA on June 14th as a part of the Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series. The event was organized by Thias Lopez and featured a Great 8 1vs1 bboy exhibition battle in addition to an open cypher all night long with the top 5 winners being crowned Cypher Kings and taking home cash prizes. DJ BlesOne kept the jam hype while the battles were judged by Fever1 (Rock Steady Crew), Jeromeskee (Massive Monkees) and Carnage (Dance Broomz). After the dust settled, the Great 8 results were:
1st Place: Roc
2nd Place: Mango
3rd Place: Tim the Pitt
4th Place: Marksiller
The Cypher King winner were: Complex, Dan The Man, FeverOne, Jamel, and Marksiller.

Check out the recap by Justin Law/MOB and the final Great 8 battle below.

Roc vs Mango

Dynamic Rockers 35th Anniversary

The BBoy Massacre 10, Dynamic Rockers 35th Anniversary event, presented by Silverback Bboy events & sanctioned by UDEF took place at Brooklyn 1834 on June 13th, 2014 in New York as a part of the Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series. The event featured classic 3vs3 bboy battles in addition to 1vs1 style battles in everything from Vogue to Flexing. The event was packed with talented dancers that night. DJ EX held down the turntables as Glyde Sr., Frankie, and Ken Fury judged the bboy battles. Everyone was putting it all down on the floor to vie for the $1500 prize, but in the end, Funky Percolators (Murphy, Sawandi & Kid-K) took the win over Promo, HeatRock and Profo.

Check out the final battle and some of the great photos by photographer Kien Quan below.


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Photos by Kien Quan: Website

3vs3 Brackets:


Miami Pro-Am Games 2014

The Miami Pro-Am Games, Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series event was held on June 6th and 7th, 2014 at the North Shore Community Center in Miami Beach, Florida. This two day event was jam-packed with Tricking, Skateboard painting, Bboy battles, and more. In a conglomeration of hip-hop elements past, present, and future, the event delivered an experience that will be remembered by those in attendance for years to come. There were all sorts of pioneers and dancers from generations past building with some of today’s top competitors under a beautiful Florida sun. On the wheels of steel, Philadelphia’s DJ Foxx Boogie held it down like no other, bringing the fire to the battles for both days.

The Pro-Am bboy battles were simply electric from start to end with one of the hypest Top 16 brackets we’ve seen this year. It was a clash of states and countries as both Russia and France were in the house bringing their own unique flavor to the competition. After a mind-blowing 1vs1 Powermove final battle in which Dizzy of Motion Disorders defeated Shorty Brick, New York’s Beast Coast (Tata, Whorah & A-Rod) emerged victorious over Artkines (Nabil, Mr Keyz & Tim) of France in the 3vs3 to claim the $1500 prize. Queen NV (Supreme Beingz, NYC) took the 1vs1 Bgirl battle over Bgirl Melusine (France) and in a traditional Pro-Am fashion, the night was rounded out with the 4 corner style 1vs1 Leacy Bboy battle and the Ultimate Circle.

The 1vs1 Leacy battle came down to Gravity and Frankie in the final with Gravity taking the win; bboys Morris and Isaiah both with notable performances in the semi-final rounds. And although it’s hard to stack up and year to the epic Pro-Am ’99 Ultimate Circle, bboys Kid Glyde, Vicious Vic, Eagle, Kelvin, Dtron, Whorah, Gravity, Gunjak, Fantum and Box Won all kept it hype and won themselves $100 cypher awards in this year’s edition.

Check out the YAK recap below as well as the final battle below between Beast Coast and Artkines, awesome photos by Kien Quan from both days of the event, more battle footage and brackets from all of the Pro Breaking Tour competitions at Pro-Am with more media being added as it is published.

Recap by YAK Films:

3vs3 Bboy Finals – Beast Coast (NYC, USA) vs Artkines (France)
Pro-Am Battle Playlist

Pro-Am Highlights & Recaps

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Photos by Kien Quan: Website

3vs3 BBoy Battle Brackets

1vs1 Leacy BBoy Battle Brackets

1vs1 Power Battle

1vs1 BGirl Battle