MCA-DAY “Buddhist Monks”

May the 3rd marked MCA-Day, the annual tribute to Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys, who lost a battle with cancer two years ago after a lifetime of entertaining and contributing to humanitarian efforts around the world.  Yauch was a practicing Buddhist and supporter of Tibetan Independence.  It is fitting then that for MCA day in New York, four Buddhist monks descended on Union Square Park to bust out some moves to classic Beastie Boys tracks in honor of Yauch’s dedication to the Tibetan cause.

Check out these four monks get down and show New Yorkers what they’ve got.4

You know, those monks look awfully familiar.  Perhaps it is just their serious Floor Obsession that reminds us of someone.

(BBoys: Bobby Selby, Jaehyuk Choi, Christopher Groelle, Stephen Cho)
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