Bashville Stampede 10 (2014) – Event Recap

The Bashville Stampede 10 event took place April 26, 2014 at Rocketown at 601 4th Avenue South in Nashville, Tennessee. The bboy competition included an open-bracket 3-v-3 crew Freestyle Session Qualifier battle. The event also featured a 1-v-1 All Styles competition.  The winners of the 3-v-3 crew battle were the Squadron (Nasty Ray, Vicious Vic, and Keebz) who beat out Supreme Beings (Frankie, Omen, and Fantum). The event was co-organized by Quincy Ellison, was sponsored by Silverback BBoy Events, and was a part of the $250,000 Pro Breaking Tour’s Challenger Series.

Final Battle: The Squadron vs Supreme Beings

Check out more battles from the event on the playlist below.