In a Zhu Stance

Daniel Zhu, formerly of has recently launched a new project called Stance.  The new entity aims to create a storytelling video channel through which the lifestyles of various people within the hip-hop community are depicted, primarily those in the bboy scene.  Taking an influence from NPR, This American Life and Vice,  Stance will attempt to capture in a very real and authentic way, the stories of the many characters in hip hop culture.

Stance will provide cultural, artistic, documentary and battle content broken into various categories and variations of the Stance name.  The Pro Breaking Tour looks forward to seeing future works from Daniel in his new venture and we will be highlighting various works as it moves forward.

Check out the first of Daniel’s Stance content from Top Notch in DC,  the RedBull BC One Seattle Cypher and The Massive Monkees 15 Year Anniversary battle which was a Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series event in Seattle.

Artistic.Stance – Top Notch 2v2 BBoy Battle Recap

BBoy.Stance – Top Sets from Top Notch

Artistic.Stance – RedBull BC One Cypher Seattle Recap

Battle.Stance – Knuckleheads vs Knuckleheads Cali – Massive Monkeees 15 Year Anniversary Pro Breaking Tour Challenger Series

Stance Elements YouTube Channel

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