Massive Monkees 15 Year Anniversary (2014) – Event Recap

The Massive Monkees 15 Year Anniversary event took place April 19, 2014 at the Showbox Market at 1426 1st Avenue in Seattle Washington. The bboy competition included an open-bracket 3-v-3 crew Freestyle Session Qualifier battle and 1-v-1 bboy footwork battle. The event also featured a 2-v-2 Funk Styles competition.  The winner of the 3-v-3 crew battle were 5 Crew Dynasty (Invertebrate, Gravity, Trix) over BEASTS (Roc, Thesis, Flexum) and the 1-v-1 footwork battle winner was Kid Glyde (Dynamic Rockers) over Razzy D (Filthee Feet).  The event was co-organized by Joe Stolte and Extraordinary Futures, was sponsored by Silverback BBoy Events, and was a part of the $250,000 Pro Breaking Tour’s Challenger Series.

3-v-3 Crew Final – 5 Crew Dynasty vs BEASTS

1-v-1 Footwork Final – Kid Glyde vs Razzy D

Battle Playlist

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Photos by Kien Quan: Website

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