United OutKast 8th Year Anniversary + Crazy 8’s (2014) – Event Recap

The United OutKast 8th Year Anniversary + Crazy 8’s event took place on March 23, 2014, and included an invite-only concept battle called Crazy 8’s with 8 leading bboys facing off in 9 rounds.  3 rounds of 1-v-1 battles, 3 rounds of 2-v-2 battles and 3 round of 4-v4 battles.  Matchups and teams were chosen at random.   The winners of each round won prize money with an additional prize for placing 1st-4th.  In addition to the invite-only portion of the competition, the event included an open-bracket 3-v-3 competition. The Crazy 8’s winner was Morris in 1st place with 8 points, Thesis in 2nd place with 7 points, Isaiah in 3rd place with 6 points winning the 3rd/4th tie breaker over Stripes also with 6 points in 4th place.   The 3-v-3 winners were Supreme Flipside Fuego (Omen, Stripes, Step-2) over Fresh Descendants (Gravity and Thesis). The event took place in Danbury Connecticut on Elm St. The event was co-organized by Luis “Sweet-Lu” Espinosa and United OutKast Crew, and was a part of the $250,000 Pro Breaking Tour’s Challenger Series.

Event Recap Video by Kaleidodope

3vs3 Final Battle – Fresh Descendants (Thesis & Gravity) vs Supreme Flipside Fuego (Omen, Stripes, Step-2)

3vs3 Battle Playlist

Photos by Kien Quan: Website



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