Down with the Kid

When I started breaking, it was simply because it looked cool. I saw Breakin’ on TV and the occasional Beat St. and I’m like “whatever that is, I want to do it.”  There is a little kid who jumps out of a trash can and does headspins in the intro of Breakin’ – I’ll give him credit for my start.


Growing up in the dance studio watching my mother teach or choreographing in the living room – dancing was a normal everyday reality. My father, also an artist, surrounded me with everything I needed to become an artist myself. Giant wood floor, drum set, guitar, bass, bongo, congas, piano.. these were my toys, this was my arcade. No TV, no video games … I had the outside to reach my dreams of soccer stardom and when I went inside it was art, dance and music.

As I got more into Bboying,  I realized this was something I could see the world with, something I could use to be creative and free. It wasn’t a soccer team where I was merely an ingredient to the success of the team, with bboying I had complete control. Complete control of who Kid David would become.


Addiction to dance and creation took me to where I am today. I am proud of my journey and have learned much about the world and myself through breaking. Not sure anything else could have taken me on such an amazing path. Every day I learn something new about my mind, body or soul through this dance.

The Pro Breaking Tour is what we have needed. It will unify and package competitive breaking and make it marketable. With this new platform, I hope we can generate a working tour that gives promoters, dancers and communities the opportunity to live and grow. Everyone needs to step it up. No more bad grammar. No more keeping it real. It’s time to step our professional game up. Answer calls in a timely fashion. Communication is everything. Set goals, reach them, and then set new ones. You are talented, but do you know what it is to work hard? Don’t be lazy.


I plan to put more fingers on my fist this year. Push my magazine and network Be Twn the Brks, which will launch its YouTube channel and clothing line. Working on a reality epic web series called “The Break Boys” which launches in March.  Starring in Step up 5, which premiers July 25th. Have been focused more on my acting career, which will hopefully help when my knees give out. I also continue to choreograph, dance and create as much as possible. Not to mention surfing every morning. Oh shit, there’s waves! Gotta go …




Kid David



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