Word is Born

Those who truly love hip hop ask a lot of questions about the culture and look back into its history. And from so doing, we don’t jump to the conclusion that history is merely times of the past. A student of hip hop studies and seeks to understand the history, using this knowledge to observe the present and to prepare for the future. By understanding one another’s histories, we become closer to our own roots in finding our real selves and genuinely approaching the b-boy culture that we love.




While I see b-boying through the eyes of a competitor on the one hand, I also see it through the eyes of an artist. B-boying naturally involves competitive interactions, but instead of focusing only on battling simply for ego and fame, if we use our energies to discover and develop one another’s skills, we can progress to the next level in this art form and contribute to the overall growth of hip hop culture.


I am honored to be a part of UDEF and the Pro Breaking Tour movement and hope to continue sharing positive energies with b-boys and b-girls who love hip hop — and together, being true to our roots, we can help the scene grow.

Bboy Born, Rivers Crew/Mighty Zulu Kings/Floorgangz

Video 1: Rockin@Chinatown
Video 2: BFW

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