Ivan – Urban Action Figure

URBAN ACTION FIGURE, teacher, artist and athlete in the international scene underground, overground, old school to new school, you name it, been there, rocked it.  Ivan, the youngest of seven brothers, who inspired and challenged him to be the best at everything he has ever set his mind to – from sports to djing, instructing, hosting, dancing and many other creative talents – for over three decades and still going strong through 2014. And, Ivan has now expanded his activities into the fitness industry with Ivan’s Dance Rock, an exciting entrepreneurial venture which merges his passion for performing arts and lifestyle fitness.


“As I see it, UDEF’s charitable mission brings postive energy, focus, space and time to a way of life that supports the urban dance community here in the states where it all started consistently. The $250,000 Pro Breaking Tour represents a great opportunity for young competitors, event organizers and the many families, coaches, friends and crew members who support them. UDEF’s board of professional dancers, leading event organizers and experienced business people are inspiring this movement, which will be educational for our community as a whole, and ‘pro-action’ as well!”

“I am excited to see our community take this huge leap in the right direction. Thank you for your ongoing support of this movement and see you in the cypher!”


YouTube: BBoy Ivan
YouTube: BBoy Ivan (Documentary)

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