Bboy Omen on Pro Breaking Tour

I am forever a student of the dance. I’ve been breaking for over 14 years and still find myself learning, creating, and pushing my body to its limits. To further my goals as a competitor and an artist, I made a significant lifestyle change by converting to vegetarianism to maintain optimal health. Although I do miss a good cheeseburger every so often, this choice has enabled me to advance my breaking career immensely, and leaves me with no regrets. Through rigorous training and a healthy lifestyle, I continue to strive to be a better bboy and a more formidable competitor every day and, with the launch of the Pro Breaking Tour, I am ready to challenge myself even more.

Throughout my years of breaking, I have witnessed many changes within our community. Like many of us, I often reminisce about the good old days of our culture. However, I also realize that we need to keep looking to the future, pass our experiences to the younger generations, and hope that they will uphold the same values of innovation, foundation, and respect that have defined our community. So far, I have not been disappointed, and am eager to see what the younger generation has to offer with the battle scene heating up.

2014 is underway and I believe the Pro Breaking Tour will open up an important channel through which our traditions may continue to be passed on in a format that will bring us into the public eye. In my view, we are at a critical juncture regarding the advancement of breaking and real hip-hop culture. The opportunity for our community to organize a professional tour, one run by our community itself under the non-profit UDEF, offers us the chance to present our culture to the public with a unified voice. If we coordinate with one another, we have great potential to attract corporate sponsorships, endorsements and media coverage to the competitive bboy scene, which I believe will benefit our culture for years to come, creating opportunities for competitors, teachers, coaches, event organizers, and the many people who support our events and culture!


Omen (Anthony Cabrera)
Supreme Beings
Universal Alchemy

Instagram: theomen1
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