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2014 Is in full effect and I’m extremely excited of all the positive new changes our culture has manifested from with inside the scene.


My break name is “Wicked.” Back in 1982, my 3 older brothers and me were fortunate to learn the art of breakin from the Rodriguez brothers who moved to Chicago from the Bronx N.Y.  We were neighbors we became friends. Months Later they taught us! We then created our crew name Phaze II Crosstown Crew the rest is history…


Phaze II was a powerful force in the 90’s with a decade of strong wins! Winning Pro Am 98 and being invited to compete for Germany’s “Battle of the Year” in 1998, where we place 3rd, earned us the honor of putting Chicago breaking on the map on an international level.


In 2002, my life change and I went through my own battle! I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer. My experience during and after chemo-therapy was a true life challenge. My internal body went through a lot which led for me to stop dancing for almost seven years. With the support of family, friends, and my passion to dance I got through it all, and am breaking again.


Now ten years cancer free, I have so much to live for with my five year old son Noah. And, my young and resurging Phaze II brothers keep me inspired…  I have lived and loved this art form for 32 years and the things I’ve learned in those years have influenced me to give back to our scene. Three years ago we created the Phaze II School of Hip Hop in Chicago. We teach, organize, and host many events, including high-quality workshops for our community from many legendary artists from all over the globe, so that the next generation can continue to grow.


This growth is why I’m truly excited by the UDEF non-profit organization movement! The Pro Breaking Tour is a professional movement that will help expand our dance and culture, provide many opportunities for now and future generations … the fact that this high-caliber competition tour with $100k in prize money is being organized and run by a great staff of artist/breakers has earned my full support, and I am honored to be a big supporter.


For me, it is still a blessing to have experienced the 80’s scene – I saw the unfortunate death of breakin in Chicago in 86-87 and saw it rise again in 91-92, evolving in the 90’s and 2000’s era. Now in 2014, I am humbled to have lived and experience all those eras, and for that reason it is great to know that UDEF, Freestyle Session and Silverback Bboy Events have blessed us with this Pro Breaking Tour, which is going to elevate our dance in 2014 and beyond! Happy new year!


Peace and respect to the founders and those who helped paved the way throughout all of the era’s of hip hop culture, and especially to the new generation who continue to help grow our culture!


Wicked (Eric Delgado)

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