BBoy Morris

2013 was a turning point for me as a bboy. First, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to step back from battling in a few cases, sitting in the judge’s seat. Judging events including the Freestyle Session Qualifiers and a number of R16’s throughout the United States and Asia allowed me to witness the competitive scene from a new perspective, coming full circle to see competition through the eyes of a judge. Second, I am thankful to have realized a personal goal of winning 100 events over the course of my career and am hopeful that I can remain an elite competitor for years to come.

As dancers, we strive to earn a living doing what we are passionate about, but it is a challenge for all of us, never easy. Seeing the non-profit UDEF emerge from within our community to help us form a professional tour definitely signals that we are moving closer toward that goal, and I envision 2014 to be bigger and better than 2013 for bboys and bgirls.

morrisThe Pro Breaking Tour will set the bar high, raising the stakes and the standards for all of us, hopefully setting the stage for the U.S. bboy scene to return to the forefront internationally. I plan to train hard, cannot wait to be a part of the competition, and am looking forward to being in the mix!

Bboy Morris, Morris Isby


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