Supreme Anticipation

Peace everyone! My name is Frankie from Supreme Beings crew, representing Queens, New York City.

Since I started breaking, my life has been focused on balancing my passion for bboying and my academic studies. There is a myth among bboys that one cannot be a good dancer and do well academically at the same time, but I don’t buy that. One of the reasons I never gave up academically (even after getting kicked out of high-school) and kept pushing so hard through college was to debunk this myth. I hoped that by setting an example, it would inspire other bboys to continue pursuing an education, while realizing it is still possible to compete at a world class skill level.


My message for anyone reading this blog, especially the younger generation dancers, comes from my direct experience and is dedicated to those bboys who are pursuing competitive bboying from a traditional aspect. Balancing competitive breaking with a lot of travel, while furthering your education at the collegiate level, is not always an easy task, but then again the best things in life are never so easy to achieve. I say this not with the intent of advocating the division of one’s energy in an uneven way – I am a big believer in focusing everything I do on a daily basis around my passion for bboying, and one of the worst things in the world is to put effort towards something you don’t want.

While going through the process myself of balancing competitive bboying and college, one of the things that kept me motivated to stay on the path to a college degree was seeing the experiences some of my crew-mates and friends were going through, struggling to make ends meet with limited education, and no clear path for their futures. This led me to realize early on that bboying is not yet in a place where one can generate a consistent income and do so with longevity. Part of my excitement with UDEF’s Pro Breaking Tour is that it has the potential to change the landscape for us, attracting financial support into our scene, creating jobs and income generating opportunities, not just for the bboys, but also for the many people who support our scene.

While I have always practiced with the same amount of intensity year-round, at this point in my career I see myself making as much of a push as ever to get to a point in my dance where I can honestly say that I’ve made a worldwide impact. Winning a major international title is a big goal of mine for 2014 – as I see it, an important contributor to reaching that goal will be physical training. Through my own intense training in 2014, I hope to help shed some light on the importance that training plays in competitive bboying at a world class level. Recently I have been working out with SupremeFitnessNyc, a fitness company specifically geared to the intense training we need as bboys. We need a combination of strength and power, combined with quickness, fluidity, flexibility, grace and cardio-vascular fitness, and the only way to maximize our performance on the day of a competition is to prepare in advance for it.

Peace to all of my family and friends and thanks to the UDEF Pro Breaking Tour for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts. Through competition and teaching, I have been blessed to dance in a number of different countries. I want to continue to compete and travel internationally, building and networking with like-minded people, so that we can all take it to the next-level collectively. I’m definitely looking forward to the Pro Breaking Tour energizing our scene this coming year!

Bboy Frankie (Frank Perez)

Supreme Beings


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Bboy Omen on Pro Breaking Tour

I am forever a student of the dance. I’ve been breaking for over 14 years and still find myself learning, creating, and pushing my body to its limits. To further my goals as a competitor and an artist, I made a significant lifestyle change by converting to vegetarianism to maintain optimal health. Although I do miss a good cheeseburger every so often, this choice has enabled me to advance my breaking career immensely, and leaves me with no regrets. Through rigorous training and a healthy lifestyle, I continue to strive to be a better bboy and a more formidable competitor every day and, with the launch of the Pro Breaking Tour, I am ready to challenge myself even more.

Throughout my years of breaking, I have witnessed many changes within our community. Like many of us, I often reminisce about the good old days of our culture. However, I also realize that we need to keep looking to the future, pass our experiences to the younger generations, and hope that they will uphold the same values of innovation, foundation, and respect that have defined our community. So far, I have not been disappointed, and am eager to see what the younger generation has to offer with the battle scene heating up.

2014 is underway and I believe the Pro Breaking Tour will open up an important channel through which our traditions may continue to be passed on in a format that will bring us into the public eye. In my view, we are at a critical juncture regarding the advancement of breaking and real hip-hop culture. The opportunity for our community to organize a professional tour, one run by our community itself under the non-profit UDEF, offers us the chance to present our culture to the public with a unified voice. If we coordinate with one another, we have great potential to attract corporate sponsorships, endorsements and media coverage to the competitive bboy scene, which I believe will benefit our culture for years to come, creating opportunities for competitors, teachers, coaches, event organizers, and the many people who support our events and culture!


Omen (Anthony Cabrera)
Supreme Beings
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1 Round Killer (2014) – Event Recap

The 1 Round Killer event presented by Silverback BBoy events took place on January 18th ,2014 at the Empire Hall in St. Louis, Missouri and included an open bracket 1-v-1 BBoy competition as well as a 1-v-1 All Styles competition.  The 1-v-1 BBoy winner was Mijo of Motion Disorderz over Palmer of Havikoro Crew. The event was co-organized by BBoy Airsick and BreakLouis and was a part of the $250,000 Pro Breaking Tour’s Challenger Series.

1 Round Killer intro + Judges showcase

Final Battle – Mijo (Motion Disorderz) vs Palmer (Havikoro)

BBoy Battle Playlist

Phaze II & Wicked


2014 Is in full effect and I’m extremely excited of all the positive new changes our culture has manifested from with inside the scene.


My break name is “Wicked.” Back in 1982, my 3 older brothers and me were fortunate to learn the art of breakin from the Rodriguez brothers who moved to Chicago from the Bronx N.Y.  We were neighbors we became friends. Months Later they taught us! We then created our crew name Phaze II Crosstown Crew the rest is history…


Phaze II was a powerful force in the 90’s with a decade of strong wins! Winning Pro Am 98 and being invited to compete for Germany’s “Battle of the Year” in 1998, where we place 3rd, earned us the honor of putting Chicago breaking on the map on an international level.


In 2002, my life change and I went through my own battle! I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer. My experience during and after chemo-therapy was a true life challenge. My internal body went through a lot which led for me to stop dancing for almost seven years. With the support of family, friends, and my passion to dance I got through it all, and am breaking again.


Now ten years cancer free, I have so much to live for with my five year old son Noah. And, my young and resurging Phaze II brothers keep me inspired…  I have lived and loved this art form for 32 years and the things I’ve learned in those years have influenced me to give back to our scene. Three years ago we created the Phaze II School of Hip Hop in Chicago. We teach, organize, and host many events, including high-quality workshops for our community from many legendary artists from all over the globe, so that the next generation can continue to grow.


This growth is why I’m truly excited by the UDEF non-profit organization movement! The Pro Breaking Tour is a professional movement that will help expand our dance and culture, provide many opportunities for now and future generations … the fact that this high-caliber competition tour with $100k in prize money is being organized and run by a great staff of artist/breakers has earned my full support, and I am honored to be a big supporter.


For me, it is still a blessing to have experienced the 80’s scene – I saw the unfortunate death of breakin in Chicago in 86-87 and saw it rise again in 91-92, evolving in the 90’s and 2000’s era. Now in 2014, I am humbled to have lived and experience all those eras, and for that reason it is great to know that UDEF, Freestyle Session and Silverback Bboy Events have blessed us with this Pro Breaking Tour, which is going to elevate our dance in 2014 and beyond! Happy new year!


Peace and respect to the founders and those who helped paved the way throughout all of the era’s of hip hop culture, and especially to the new generation who continue to help grow our culture!


Wicked (Eric Delgado)

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Raphael Xavier aka Viazeen on UDEF buzz

Three decades have come and gone as I have explored our culture, as a Breaker, DJ, Rapper & Writer. Breaking ultimately became my primary livelihood.


As I continue to be inspired by the young artists who are making their way through the ranks of the culture, it keeps me pushing my body so that I can be an example of what lies ahead for them.


Since 1999 I have been on the road as a Breaker, performing on the theatre stage, and have had the opportunity to witness many cultures share their skills around the world. But to be honest, I never thought it would continue growing as rapidly as it has. I’ve been awarded major support to tour and keep breaking and it continues to be amazing.


My new work, ‘The Unofficial Guide to Audience Watching Performance,’ hits the road in February and runs through the fall; I don’t have the time I would like to go to a lot of jams, because I’m touring, but I do manage to make it out when I’m off the road. Recently I went to the ‘Going Away Jam’ battle in Philly, honoring three breakers who are entering the U.S. Army. The event was sponsored by Silverback Bboy Events and the Pro Breaking Tour.  The first thing I noticed was that the jam was free; the next thing I noticed was a concrete surface covered with three large-sized sections of padded vinyl flooring to throw down on, and that is exactly what the breakers were doing. There was even a monster cypher with K-Mel, Lino, Hannibal and several young breakers off to the side on the concrete putting it down. Everything raw about Breaking was right in front of me and it felt good to see everybody going in like that. The event also included some of the most fair judging I have seen, all handled by the three breakers who were actually going away to the Army. Salute to them!


UDEF is quickly creating a major buzz with the launch of the Pro Breaking Tour this year. The Tour is creating a great opportunity for Breakers to fine tune their skills, create an internal support group and gain maximum exposure for endorsement deals, sponsorship and the possibility for a lasting career, if they want it. We have to support each other more now than ever for this to come off well. The time, energy, money and collaboration being put into this Tour is the first of its kind and I for one can’t wait to see it up and running. I’m always going to be a fan of Breaking, as well as a practitioner. I’ve dreamed about having a major tournament-style battle called the Glide-Rite Invitational. (breakin’ gear company ‘95). It seems I can live this fantasy through the Pro Breaking Tour and UDEF, and some of the most incredible Breakers of our time. Heck, I might just enter one! It could happen so don’t count me out!


Raphael Xavier, aka Viazeen



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DJ Fleg – Lionz of Zion

I am extremely excited for the Pro Breaking Tour this year! I think it will change the landscape of American bboy culture by bringing a level of event production that is seldom seen in the United States. The best thing about this Tour is that it is being put together by established promoters and bboys. These are the same people that have helped the scene grow on a grassroots level for years. I’m excited for the opportunities this will afford bboy culture in the U.S. and I would like to share a bit about my role as a DJ in this community.

Breaking is the root of everything I do. I have been breaking for almost 15 years and being a part of this community and culture is an honor. I believe that my involvement as a bboy is a crucial part to my role as a DJ. I have seen trends in music come and go, I have seen trends in moves come and go, and the collective knowledge of all of this helps me “paint” a jam with the right colors. Old school hip hop for certain heads, strictly drums for others, slow bouncing funk for some, rocking joints, latin funk, afro funk…the list goes on. My love for this dance is channeled through my music.

When at a jam, I watch the dancers to see how they respond to music. I watch very carefully and I learn that certain individuals and crews have preferences. I try to bank all of that information in my head and use that to influence my set selections, which ultimately keep a jam hype, or calm, or feel-good, or whatever the vibe calls for. My style of Dj’ing not only draws on the preferences of others, it also draws on my own preferences, an awareness of the space I’m in, and an awareness of the culture surrounding me.  That being said, I always take my sets back to my roots; I was raised on 90’s hip hop and, musically, that was my first love. I was also raised on jazz music (my father is a jazz trumpet player) and the influence of jazz can also be seen in my sets. These influences have formed my style, which now include the signature tracks that only I play; tracks that I dug long and hard for or tracks that I made myself.

I have crafted my breaks knowing specifically how we as bboys like to hit the beat or vibe with the music. The more that I learn about the dance through studying, breaking and listening to pioneers, the better I get at making music for bboys. I utilize many rhythms and sounds, and I think about questions like “What move would a bboy do to a horn hit versus an organ swell?” I make breaks to satisfy many different aesthetics at once. When I can imagine bboys of different styles enjoying a break I’ve made, I test it out at a jam and see if it works!

This past year has been a blessing for me; I’ve traveled all over the U.S. and the world to do breaking events. 2014 is going to be another incredible year, and the Pro Breaking Tour will be a big part of that! The Tour events put on by UDEF will be the biggest in the country and will set a new standard for U.S. events. To naysayers that talk of corporations watering down our culture, I say, look at the caliber of people behind this event!!! Look at their contributions to our scene over the past 20 years or more. I certainly don’t include myself in this group, but the Tour involves a group of people working through a non-profit in UDEF who have supported our interests consistently for the past 20 years. I trusted them then, and I trust them now. I am truly excited for the Pro Breaking Tour and I’m even more excited to see how it will affect bboy culture in the U.S. as a whole!

Much love and thanks to everyone involved for this undertaking, 2014 let’s go!!!

DJ Fleg, Lionz of Zion




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BBoy Morris

2013 was a turning point for me as a bboy. First, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to step back from battling in a few cases, sitting in the judge’s seat. Judging events including the Freestyle Session Qualifiers and a number of R16’s throughout the United States and Asia allowed me to witness the competitive scene from a new perspective, coming full circle to see competition through the eyes of a judge. Second, I am thankful to have realized a personal goal of winning 100 events over the course of my career and am hopeful that I can remain an elite competitor for years to come.

As dancers, we strive to earn a living doing what we are passionate about, but it is a challenge for all of us, never easy. Seeing the non-profit UDEF emerge from within our community to help us form a professional tour definitely signals that we are moving closer toward that goal, and I envision 2014 to be bigger and better than 2013 for bboys and bgirls.

morrisThe Pro Breaking Tour will set the bar high, raising the stakes and the standards for all of us, hopefully setting the stage for the U.S. bboy scene to return to the forefront internationally. I plan to train hard, cannot wait to be a part of the competition, and am looking forward to being in the mix!

Bboy Morris, Morris Isby