My Thesis on UDEF

2013 was an important year, not only for me, but for many of us bboys. I have seen a lot of effort coming from inside the culture and working for the culture in the past three years, but I feel like 2013 made a strong point on taking things to the next level. In my personal opinion, a lot of eyes were opened to seeing a brighter future for our culture. Not just from events, but from the people themselves, speaking up and sharing ideas. It’s a beautiful thing.

For me, 2013 was uplifting. I got to experience new places and meet new people from invitational trips and those I chose myself. I also got to build more with my main crew (Fresh Descendants) and I became reengaged in that sense. I feel like in my life, spiritually, I grew. I became more aware of what is going on around me and what I wanted for my future.

My inspiration has also grown from the ambition I have felt through the efforts of my crews and my family – Knuckleheads Cali, Massive Monkees, The M Team and Fresh Descendants have been represented through me and our other crew members almost every weekend and we have succeeded in many ways. That right there is absolutely what I live for as a bboy.


At my age of 22, I am still young, but older in the battle scene, I have been thinking of new roads to conquer. The Pro Breaking Tour will be a new challenge as we are entering 2014 and time is flying… I have plans and of course goals within those plans, both as a bboy and as a person. Growing up as a street kid in Tucson, Arizona, with just enough money to get on the bus and go downtown, I would free my troubles by going to cafes and a place called Skrappy’s to break and write. Every Thursday there were open mic sessions, and always something to do to express the artistry which seemed to be trapped within most of the time. It is this life which has inspired me to give back and create one of my own. I hope to open an Urban Cafe in Seattle for anyone to come in, get their drinks, study, express, and even in a separate room have a full-time DJ for anyone who wants to express their movement on an open floor. This is my next goal, and I believe that with what we can begin to achieve in 2014, this goal can become a reality in my future.


Overall, I just want to wish everyone a happy life, happy holidays, and a big thanks to everyone who has supported me and my journey. Peace and respect!


Bboy Thesis, Thias Lopez

Silverback – Canh Solo Production:

Silverback – Yak Films Solo Clip:


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