BBoy Moy on UDEF

Update 4/18/14: Check out these training drills from Moy and see if they can help motivate you to reach the next level of your training.

Well, what can I say, 2013 was an amazing year! I had the opportunity to travel over 100k miles, visit new places around the world, and meet many people that share the same passion for Bboying as I do.


In 2013, I was also able to be a part of a new venture for Monster Energy – we created the Monster Bboy Team. We had the privilege to partner with World of Dance and build with Bboys from every city we participated in. Our involvement included exhibition crew battles, free three-hour workshops for local communities, showcases, and judging of all Bboy battles organized.


imageAlthough traveling, teaching, and competing were heavy, I also created programs for my community center in Houston, which is named Break Free. My goal with Break Free is to positively impact the Houston community with a team that sets examples for youth, activating positive programming to help young people grow and mature in many areas of their lives.


Looking back, my biggest goals in 2013 were to stay in shape and be creative, not just as a Bboy, but for my family and my business. I’m all about staying ready, healthy, and productive, and I challenged myself more than ever this year. I feel that creative outlets keep us positive and energetic, helping us avoid the trap of laziness and depressed moods. With that being said, I’m really looking forward to 2014. There will be so much happening for Bboying and our community.


As for competition, I don’t train for events, but I do train to last in any battle, at any time! I will make sure that no one will get past me easy in any event I participate in this coming year. I don’t simply set goals to win titles – instead my goal with competing is to challenge myself as an artist, athlete, and competitor. On that note, I’m definitely looking forward to the Pro Breaking Tour in 2014! This initiative under the non-profit UDEF will be BIG for our community. The exciting part of this Tour isn’t just the battles – it’s the rise of new and old competitors who will step up to the plate. Something fresh like this is inspiring. It’s great to see what we do being taken to new heights. I’m hype.


The upcoming year will be memorable for a lot of people – my main objectives for 2014 are to be a great father and husband, and a leader in my community, while staying healthy, productive, and creative with all of the projects I’m currently involved with.


I’m fueled by inspiration and hard-working people! I’m thankful for all the blessings!


Catch me in a cypher near you!


Peace and God Bless,

Bboy Moy,  Moy Rivas