The Gravity of the Tour

My name is Miguel Rosario, aka Bboy Gravity. I grew up in New York first as competitive gymnast, then as a bboy.

For the last 12 months I’ve dedicated nearly all of my time to being a top competitive bboy, training very hard, and competing first in local and regional U.S. events, then working my way up to some of the biggest bboy events in the world, including IBE and BC One, among others. I have traveled the world and have seen many countries, all thanks to this art form. In the process, I have also grown and matured as an individual, and have gained a lot of perspective and knowledge talking to the older generations of breakers.



My Approach to Training

I am a goal-oriented person, setting both short-term and long-terms goals in bboying and in my everyday life. Once I achieve a goal, I add another to my list – though some of my goals are short-term and some are long-term, I am driven to achieve them. And the more I accomplish, the more determined I am to succeed.


This discipline has set the stage for my recent competitive success. To become a world class bboy, I have realized that we as individuals need to train our bodies just as if we are professional athletes, because the toll this dance takes on our body is severe, and it is important to think of longevity. Additionally, our eating habits must be adapted for the better and so do our lifestyles. Finally, the more positivity you have in your life, the more drive you have as an individual to succeed.


2014 Goals

I have to say I am very excited for 2014 and the following years to come. I have a clear plan as to how to approach the Pro Breaking Tour in the U.S. and other world-class competitions overseas. In order for me to become as successful as I want this coming year, I plan to set a lot of short-term goals and less long-term goals than I did in 2013. In addition to training hard, these goals include reaching a certain weight where my body can move to the best of my ability, reaching a certain flexibility level so that my body can adapt to a new style to catch my opponents off-guard, and reaching a certain level in cardio-fitness so that getting tired is never, ever an issue.

5 Crew Dynasty Headquarters

I have also recently turned my determination to business, opening a training facility in Phoenix, Arizona. The gym is called 5 Crew Dynasty Headquarters. Our mission at 5 Crew Dynasty Headquarters is to provide our students with the opportunity to learn tumbling, bboying (breaking), Parkour, hip-hop and fitness. Through each category, our students will learn the cultural background, self-discipline, respect and confidence to help build a better base and structure for a more successful life. We believe that our bodies are our temple and being physically fit is the key to being happy, healthy and self-motivated. We love to promote fitness and good health because the more healthy we are the longer we live.

And, just as is the case in life, in the bboy art form you don’t just do it on your own, you also have a crew, which is like a family. Your crew are the people who you generally start dancing with, and the people you grow up with in the bboy scene. Family is a very important focus to us at 5 Crew Dynasty Headquarters, and it is very important our young students understand this.


Bboying and the Future

As for bboying, some may not understand why we do what we do, but as I see it, bboying is the most athletic and free-spirited art form the world has ever seen. I am excited about the future, and to see a professional tour develop here in the U.S.. Internationally, fans fly from all over the world just to see major competitions, and I hope to see more of this in the U.S. as well. I am excited about the Pro Breaking Tour developing in the U.S., especially with a non-profit organization now in place to plan an annual prize money tour of events, which the general public can look forward to seeing, and which the bboys of the highest level can battle in, competing for a chance to change their lives.


Miguel Rosario, Bboy Gravity (5 Crew Dynasty)

Gravity Studio Solo:

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