Speedy Legs on UDEF

Been chatting with the Silverback Bboy Events team about collaborating in the USA. I’m very excited about the $100k Pro Breaking Tour being established here to give professional B-Boy’s & B-Girls an opportunity to compete for substantial cash prizes and win a professional title in the US, just as I am re-establishing the Pro-Am and continuing its original traditions of developing Amateurs into Pro’s. Since its inception and humble beginnings in 1996, we have brought solid competitors to the forefront of the B-Boy scene with the Pro-Am, establishing the competitive blueprint that exits today. With over nine dance categories now offered, I am honored to have Silverback teaming up in sponsoring an American B-Boy Team to battle the European B-Boy Team this upcoming year for the Pro-Am World Finals on Miami-Beach, June 5-8 2014!! While there are other great competitions around the world, I envision the UDEF Pro Breaking Tour along with the Pro-Am and other major events and series in the USA re-establishing the American scene as the world’s leader, with strong competitions/workshops/community-outreach and so on. Once we have accomplished that, we will reach out to other world partners to work with us in harmony to continue the uplifting of the B-Boy art-form in competition and in culture.

BBoy Speedy Legs, Ricky Fernandez



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