El Nino on the UDEF storm

The year 2013 was an amazing year for me. I went to about 15 countries in 12 months. I got to visit a few of my favorite cities and countries, like Dubai in the UAE and Australia, and also got to visit countries for the first time, such as Estonia and Indonesia, which were amazing trips as well. This year I had the privilege and honor of judging the BC One 2013 World Finals in Korea and competing in the Freestyle Session World Finals in Tokyo! I entered FSS along with Nasty Ray and Roxrite, members of my other crew “Squadron.” We ended the year right with a victorious weekend in Japan, leaving our 13-day trip in Asia as Freestyle Session World Finals winners.

Now starting up the year 2014, I’m excited and motivated to train for the Pro Breaking Tour in the U.S., and hope to be an important role model and influence on the Tour. Being Freestyle Session World Champions, we also intend to compete and defend our title next year. For the Pro Breaking Tour events in the U.S., the stakes will be high, as there will be $100k in cash and prizes going out to the winners in two events, $50k for the West Coast event (Freestyle Session U.S. Finals) and $50k for the East Coast event (Silverback Open Championships).

I have three major goals for 2014: win the BC One 1-on-1, win one or more Pro Breaking Tour events (either 1-on-1 or 3-on-3 or both), and again win the Freestyle Session World Finals 3-on-3. Freestyle Session has always been supporting our community, and now teamed up with Silverback Bboy Events under the non-profit UDEF, I can see that the vision of creating a well-organized professional tour and a fair opportunity for the bboys is a feat that can be achieved.

I’m excited for 2014 and believe there is a promising future for the bboys and bgirls of my generation and those after my generation. For now I am going to enjoy playing my part. I’m having a great time traveling, meeting new people and making new memories with old friends. Being one of the top competitors from the U.S., I am blessed to be in this position and am ecstatic to see the growth in this community. We struggle, but we are happy with this community and this life. With the creation of the Pro Breaking Tour, I am confident things will continue to get better for our scene!

Bboy El Nino

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