OG Lino watching the BBoy Community grow

Lino DC pixThe Freestyle Session World Finals in Japan was crazy! It was a great combination of all sorts of different talent and a pleasure to watch – I was up until 5:30 AMwatching from Boston. I have to give my respects to Cros1 for putting together an amazing brand and a super dope event.

I’m really excited to be a part of UDEF and the Tour alongside of him and some other great Bboys/Bgirls. This will be great for the community and help take events to a whole different level. We really need to embrace the Pro Breaking Tour as our next step to coming together as a dance culture, improving the promoters and Bboy/Bgirls and other dance styles by educating the community.

Lino (Leanski) Delgado, Floorlords Crew/Flava Squad

Make sure you register to compete on the Tour!

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